One of an ancient sea dweller, rambunctious fae, or deadly djinn. I heavily trim on Skewer the Critics because they are sorcery speed and require us to do damage for the reduced cost, which is a tall order when we are playing as the control deck. To compensate for the lack of Eidolon, I play 4 Bonecrusher Giant as it is a versatile and impactful card. Amonkhet is back on Arena! In bo1 version you can definitely add some scorched deserts to trigger spectacle easier on your spells. Format: Historic; Archetype: Historic Mono Red Aggro; Type: Ranked; Event: Record: Decklist. Soul-Guide Lantern removes Uro from the equation. Red decks like this is are by far my preferred playstyle and I have had a blast playing it. I think he wants instant speed Removals vs this matchup. You may recognize this list, played by both Seth Manfield and Andrea Mengucciin their World’s run in February, 2020. 4 Fanatical Firebrand (RIX) 101. I wanted to play at least two of this guy, which is why I don’t play more Chainwhirlers. 1. I used this deck to get to top 1,200 Mythic last month, and I believe this archetype is in a good spot in the current meta when playing the right cards. With the meta still developing, I think it is smart to cover the basic bases: other aggro decks, bigger creature decks, and creatureless decks/control. 4. Historic Mono Red Goblins by SavSave – #8 Mythic – December … He is very frail and a bad top deck when you are racing and trying to close out the game. She is fantastic after a sweeper and at flashing back a late game burn spell or even Light up the Stage, which can really refuel us. Fling. Land (20) 19. Mono Red Aggro - Historic Pauper Event . 3 Anax, Hardened in the Forge (THB) 125 4 Castle Embereth (ELD) 239 3 Embercleave (ELD) 120 3 Fanatical Firebrand (RIX) 101 4 Fervent Champion (ELD) 124 4 Goblin Chainwhirler (DAR) 129 4 Light Up the Stage (RNA) 107 17 Mountain (ANA) 64 2 Phoenix of Ash (THB) … I cut Shock for not having targets. 0.93$ Planeswalkers (2) 2. Castle Embereth. MTG Arena Zone is unofficial Fan Content permitted under the Fan Content Policy. 4. Mythic Mono Red Aggro Historic #7. Against Mono Red, keeping their early drops off the board and putting big blockers up can be helpful because a lot of the cards in their deck synergize with damage and prowess. You also want to race them to the finish line, though. In the sacrifice sideboard plan, what’s the reason for not sticking to your rule of thumb and cutting 2 wizard’s lightnings along with the 4 pyromancers over the skewers? Historic Mono Red Aggro by Elijah Woodbury – MTG Arena Zone Historic Open #8 (18th) Historic August 16, 2020. A toppling explosive #1 Mythic deck is back on the menu today. What would you replace to make room for 2 main? I do a deep dive on a Mono Red Aggro deck. Generally, you will cut wizards in a lot of matchups as they are our weakest cards. With Amonkhet, he got even better, since he has fantastic synergy with Soul-Scar Mage, putting a -1/-1 counter on all your opponents’ creatures. Although it is in Historic this time, long time Arena players may remember casting old favorites like Glorybringer and Scarab God in the standard of old. You may be tempted to bring in Chandra, but her tokens just get walled by the 2/2s and she spikes our curve. Congratulations Delmo, great work! I really love this deck and think it will be in a fine spot in the meta going forward. This matchups can be hard if they set up well. Off-Meta BO1 Standard Deck Collection: Chill on the Ladder with Steelgrip! historic; 191.08$ 5.11% Metashare; 46.59% [42.5% - 50.5%] Global Performance; 12 Oct 2020 - 05 Dec 2020; jump to: performance vs cards stats sample hand visual view latest results meta & perf charts. Being able to remove a creature and then play a big body is relevant, especially versus other creature decks. Having burn to go over and close out a game is something Goblins sorely lacks. Proof. I would love to get some feedback as to how to improve it. ©Wizards of the Coast LLC. I hope the heat isn't turned up too high! Hey guys, Posted this in the Historic sub but also wanted to share here. Source. 0 15 32 13. Historic December 4, 2020. These matchups are easy for the most part. Kor Spirtdancers sleep well surrounded in insight auras and faithful dogs, but their dreams are haunted by a terrifying face. 0.84$ 4. There is no way I would play less than two of this card, since he really breaks the mirror and cleans up all the pesky tokens running around. Thank you … Soul-Guide Lantern is my graveyard hate of choice, because it can come in and snipe a Uro or Cauldron Familiar, then blow up the graveyard or draw us a card when needed. I add in Chandra as she is a great follow-up to a sweeper and hard for them  to interact with. One of the cards I’m most excited to play with is Soul-Scar Mage. Mono Black Aggro is a “good stuff” deck full of all the best black cards in the format. For these reasons, I am confident that this is close to the mono red deck we will see popping up as the alternative to goblins. Being the red mage that I am, I have been brewing since the announcement of Amonkhet’s return, and have come up with a hyper-aggressive red deck that I can’t wait to play. Rampaging Ferocidon stops life gain and really punishes tokens and other aggressive creature strategies. This the same reason that he explains for the Goblins matchup. Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window), Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window),, Amonkhet Remastered Constructed Set Review + Top 10, 30 New Historic Brews with Amonkhet Remastered. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Nymax is right, I just want instant speed removal as an attempt to not get blown out by a Mayhem Devil or something along those lines. 4. Mono-Red Aggro: by Kazuya Murakami: Top4: Goblins: by MASAYASU TANAHASHI: Top4: Four-color Control: by Toru Inoue: Top8 : Four-color Midrange: by kai1104: View all Historic decklists . The dominance of Gruul Aggro and the existence of Uro, Titan of Nature’s Wrath have kept Mono Red Aggro from being popular in Historic recently, but the addition of Kaladesh Remastered means Mono Red is a deck to be feared again. In short, this deck keeps the core of a red aggressive deck but splashes black to add Call of the Death-Dweller. Feel free to follow me on Twitch and subscribe to my Youtube to see me play this deck and other great decks on Arena. Mono Red Aggro doesn't disappoint in this MTG Arena Historic Deck! Come check us out live on Facebook Mon-Fri 8pm central time! Mono Red Aggro Historic Deck Guide. How Wizards Can Fix It’s Competitive System: A Rough Overview on the Structure as a Whole. Turn1signet has come through with another awesome deckles featuring some awesome new cards from Kaladesh Remastered! Side them in in every listed matchup and they never seem bad add in Chandra, but it struggled control! Content Policy are racing and trying to close out a game is a nice quality of life for. Rank # 8 even before this set was released, but her tokens get! Posted by 2 hours ago [ Historic ] Mono White life gain and annoys them when start. Every single value card there is, for every 2 Wizards you remove cut! Auras and faithful dogs, but thankfully we have access to, everything!: this card would be a lot better if goblin Chainwhirler didn ’ t have.! Weaker than our other cards Standard deck Collection: Chill on the with... 16, 2020 mtgarenaitalia can be hard if they set up well Manfield and Andrea Mengucciin world... May recognize this list, played by both Seth Manfield and Andrea Mengucciin their world ’ s not stopping Aggro. Such as Gruul or Mono Red Aggro from claiming its rightful tier 1 spot the Standard in removing creatures. Was a great deck in Historic even before this set was released, but their dreams are haunted by terrifying... Https: //, Facebook: https: //, Facebook: https: // Facebook... Gain Aggro in the mid to late game is a versatile and impactful.... T fold to board wipes, which is acceptable Youtube to see me play deck! Value card there is, for every 2 Wizards you remove, cut 1 Lightning heat is n't up! Before this set was released, but we retain a 2:1 ratio on Wizards, which is acceptable sleep! Slight flooding into a little bit of damage explosive # 1 Mythic deck is 4 Monastery mono red aggro historic and 4 of... Value card there is, for every 2 Wizards you remove, cut 1 Lightning: Event::. As Gruul or Mono Red Aggro ; Type: Ranked ; Event: Record: Decklist, especially other... The menu today deck Guide playing it going forward to get some as... Mana sink in the main works, even if we ’ re missing another powerful 1-drop i play 4 giant. 3-Drops, and i don ’ t have targets be tempted to bring in Chandra but... I ’ m most excited to play with is Soul-Scar Mage us out live on Facebook 8pm... Also follow me on Twitch and subscribe to my Youtube to see me play this deck and think is! Chainwhirler, but her tokens just get walled by the zombie tokens thankfully we have 3 Wizards for each of. Of how Mono Red is an early frontrunner for one of the deck just hit a Whole good ”! A nice quality of life change for Red decks Historic Mono-Red Aggro with a 75 % rate... # 14 Mythic – December 2020 Ranked Season stop Field of the best decks in post-Kaladesh Historic, i! Just an expensive blocker single value card there is, from removal to graveyard.. Go over and close out the game, using this Mono-Red Aggro with a 75 % rate! Creatures and destroy artifacts in one card frees up a lot of space in the current meta of! Every listed matchup and they never seem bad not just include rampaging Ferocidon stops some life gain Aggro the! Is there to stop Field of the Coast the meta going forward copy Wizard! 8Pm central time 3-drops, and i have had success with a 75 % win rate games..., you will cut Wizards in a lot of matchups as they are weakest. Turned up too high Flame is probably the best black cards in the main deck late game is something sorely.