“Rev your engines.” The CRecorder’s indicator light should flash intermittently—thisis a sign that communication between your vehicle and the CRecorder is successful. Firstly you need to register a CC account, then use this account to log in and register your Creader VII 9. 7. You can also choose to make these fields visible or not by checking/un-checking the check box. I also looked at the Creader 4001. It’s a great value and would buy it again in a heartbeat. Bag So easy to use. Launch Creader 3001 Customers Reviews: Review 1: This Scan Tool is a good one, You can read and erase codes easily. //-->. To set the time on the CRecorder, connect it to your PC via the USB cableand run the client software. Page 5: Table Of Contents Next, select SOFTWARE DOWNLOAD. Did everything claimed. Introduction Of CR3001The CReader 3001 is support all 10 modes of OBD II test for a complete diagnosis. I just purchased the C Reader 3001 and it's already getting used every day. In the crecorder.com website, click on the COMPLAINT COLLECTION link and follow the prompts to submit your issues to our engineers. It’s light and portable to use, can be used for EU cars after 2002, USA cars after 1992, Asian cars after 2008 and Japanese cars after 2005. Checkout. To view the data in graph form, select the GRAPH tab. Work on a Ford as well. Launch Creader 3001 is a professional and cost-effective OBDII/ EOBD code reader. Would recommend for anybody that wants to have a more concrete diagnostic before visiting the mechanic and for the DIY guys out there. 4. This tool saved me a lot of money by allowing me to diagnose the problem myself instead of going to the dealer or a garage. Locate your vehicle’s datalink connector. For XP and Vista users, the driver will install automatically and you will see a message in your bottom taskbar stating that “Windows has found new hardware”. A: This obd2 scanner launch 3001 can read live data, do O2 Sensor/ Evap System test/ On-Board Monitor / I/M Readiness Test, clear fault codes, read car information. Be confident in buying. Select the “Advanced” setting as per below. Launch Creader 3001 can find many of the car faults that even pricier scanners miss. I went with the Creader 3001 that Scotty Kilmer recommended. Buy LAUNCH CR3001 CReader 3001 OBD2 Scanner Car Code Reader Automotive Diagnostic Tool for Turning Off Check Engine Light, Support O2 Sensor, Evap System Test at … Q: Will this launch cr3001 work on my 2010 audi a5 quattro? Launch Creader 3001 CR3001 OBDII / EOBD Code Reader (UK Ship No Tax): https://www.obdiitool.co.uk/wholesale/launch-x431-creader-cr3001.html, OBD2 Tools Online Shop @Agent K: Works for 2014 Toyota FJ Cruiser. CReader 3001 provides full OBDII/EOBD diagnostic functions and meets protocols such as ISO9141-2, ISO14230-4, SAEJ1850, and ISO15765-4. Upon purchasing the CRecorder, please log onto the CRecorder website: www.crecorder.com. This is a basic budget-priced OBD2/CAN code reader. GODIAG GT100 OBDII Break Out Box ECU Connector User Manual, VXSCAN 3 in 1 TPMS Activation Tool for TOYOTA/GM/FORD User Manual. To register, you will need the serial number provided with the CRecorder. Enter your computer’s control panel by selecting Control Panel on your Start Up menu. Fantastic value for the money. Launch CReader 3001 OBD II scan tool can read the check engine lights and defines the code. v 6. A: Creader 3001 and cr319 are all obd2 full test scan tool, support all obd2 10 modes, but launch creader 3001 supports lifetime free update, launch cr319 cannot update. Click here to visit the CRecorder website. To do so, simply click on the ZOOM IN Tab and then select PLAY. Used a 99 Dodge Durango live data easy to read if you know what you’re looking at 8. A: The 1995 Ford is OBD1 and will not read by this device, But the 2011 Smart car will read OK. Q: Will Reader Work On My2007 Ford Explorer Sport Trac? and 2013 Hyundai. This is a nice compact code reader that works well. Launch CReader 3001 is a plug and play scanner all you need is to … If the DLC cannot be found, refer to the vehicle’s service manual for the location. It’s use is self explanatory, no need for a manual. Run the client software. This post comes with the user manual of Launch Creader 3001. Support Multi-Language: English , French , Russian , Spanish ,German, Italian ,Portuguese 2. Step 1: Go to https://en.cnlaunch.com/, search for [cr3001], then enter [Downloads] menu, click on [Update Tools] to download, Step 2: Decompress and install it on your computer (compatible with Windows XP, 7, 8 & 10). £0.00 1. Q: Does it tell you more than just the code ? Used the scanner to read my fault codes which seem accurate as I previously paid to have it scanned and lost where I wrote the codes but remembered one that had to do with the catalytic converter. LAUNCH TECH. ▼ I just used on a 2008 Civic and I was able to read code that in this case was a faulty oxygen sensor and after repair I was able to erase code. saves you the trips to your mechanic, lets you decide if it’s something you can fix or need more advanced help. Use a mild detergent on a clean cloth to clean the outside of the test equipment, when necessary. Easy to understand. If the evap codes remain, it indicates an ongoing leak in the evaporative emissions system. After completing the download, Save and then Run WINZIP. A text box prompting you to import the data will appear, click on the Import Data button to begin the import process. Once crecorder_setup.exe has been extracted,it is ready to be run. You need to connect the USB cable to PC for device upgrade. In the WINZIP program, open the Client software (it is an executable program named“crecorder_setup.exe” and should be on your desktop.) And more, launch creader 3001 obd2 scanner can read the car's information such as VIN number. 4. Launch Creader 3001 is a professional and cost-effective OBDII/ EOBD code reader. The real-time can test stuff like oxygen sensor, fuel lean/rich as the car is at different revs. Great for diagnosing most automotive engine malfunctions. @Mons Veneris: Nice code reader-works good. Note: If you are still having connectivity issues or if your computer is failing to recognize that the CRecorder isconnected, you will need to configure your USB’s port settings. Used on a ford escape 2008. Click [Next] to enter the next interface: Tick “Include this location in the search”, and find the route of the diver: C:Crecorder CDM 2.02.04 WHQLCertified. Read DTC codes set on my 06 Ram diesel and erased them. For the price it’s LAUNCH Creader V+ User’s Manual Figure 3-3 Use the [ ] [ ] key to select the desired one and press [ ] to save your change. You are now ready to download the client software. Also does it work on 90’s cars? Powerfull functions: Full OBDII/EOBD Diagnostic Functions. Very easy to use. A: That’s pretty specific, but yes this scanner clears the “P” codes fine on my car. It shows the fault codes and an English explanation of what the code means. This is found on a sticker in the foam backing within the packaging contents. I have used it on all of my cars these were: 2 350Z/C7 grandsport/C7 Z51/ GMC Sierra/ Mustang GT/BMW M3/Mercedes CLA/ Cadillac Escalade/Dodge ram 1500/ Hummer H2 so I can confirm it works on American Japanese and German cars it has shown one of my 350Z having a knock sensor issue which it had I didn’t even notice until I wash it I usually do I scan when I wash my car and the Mercedes CLA ABS was malfunctioning which it did when I took it to the dealership thank god for warranty and a misfire for my M3 which I could erase the car would be normal so I can get the spark plug replaced you should only use this to know the problem don’t buy this to fix your problems it won’t by erasing then you’ll end up with more money put in the car use only to see if you can fix the problem if you can’t bring it to the dealership. Just plug it in. Page 4 User’s Manual LAUNCH 3001  Keep the test equipment dry, clean, free from oil/water or grease. Select Port Settings and ensure the following: The bits per second rate for the port is set to 921600. I turned out the light, ran the car for at least 100 miles and the trouble light never came back. The CRecorder’s client software will work on all Windows 2000, NT, ME, XP, and Vista versions. The CReader 3001 is also very easy to use. PLEASE DO NOT USE SPACES/BLANKS. You can use Creader 3001 scanner to make sure the monitor was set before taking it to smog, help you pass the Smog Check easily. 3. 2.Connect the diagnostic cable to the vehicle’s DLC, the tool will be automatically powered up. How To Use Launch Creader 3001 CR3001 OBDII Code Reader: Free downlod user manual Launch Creader 3001 Multi-Language: English , French , Russian , Spanish ,German, Italian ,Portuguese Launch Creader 3001 Support car models for OBDII diagnostic function: All cars that support OBDII, USA cars after 1992, EU cars after 2002, Asia cars after 2008, Japan cars after 2005. Usually the missing gas cap codes clear themselves once the cap is replaced. With the ignition turned OFF, remove the CRecorder and connect it to your PC via the provided USB cable. Have been shipped and received promptly. Most computers will do this automatically since WINZIP is now included in most operating systems. Step 1: Turn the vehicle ignition on Note: Vehicle battery voltage range should be 9–18Volts, and Throttle should be … 1. Use a mild detergent on a clean cloth to clean the outside of the Creader 3001, when necessary. If you don't have Advanced Uninstaller PRO on your PC, install it. Clicking on certain points on the graph will also bring up the EXACT reading/measurement per field selected. For an additional fee, diagnosis is available from technicians via the internet at www.crecorder.com. Double clicking on this icon will launch the program. Enter the TOOLS menu and click SET TIME. The parameters for these fields can also be selected by toggling the drop-down menu per field. If you are buying a car from a dealer that you don’t trust 100%, then this is a must. Connecting the CRecorder to your computer. After connecting the CRecorder to your PC and running the client software, select TOOLS and thenFORMAT CRECORDER. 10. To view the drive session in playback mode, you will need to ZOOM IN on the data. Save this file on your desktop. Have been shipped and received promptly. Used on Toyota corollas 05, 08 and 2010, gave accurate results. This item is just as described, WORKS great for my 2013 GMC. Next, click on the port that the CRecorder is connected to. I tried it on my 1996 Chrysler Concorde (OBDII system), and my 2013 Corvette Coupe (CAN system), and it worked fine on both. var wumiiParams = "&num=3&mode=3&displayInFeed=1&version="; Should you need WINZIP, you can download a free copy at: 5. Click [ Advanced… ], once inside, the Latency Timer (msec): should be set to 1, click on the Serial Printer. A: Yes, it can work for 12v cars which have 16pin obd2 connector. Just don’t expect it to read ABS, transmission, TCS, AHS, or other modules codes requiring more sophisticated (and expensive) code readers. The next step is to log onto www.crecorder.com. This will submit your information to LAUNCH. Clicking on the session will automatically launch the DATA tab. This post comes with the user manual of Launch Creader 3001. After selecting the file, click on the TRIP INFO tab. var wumiiCategories = ["OBD2 Code Scanner"]; I just used on a 2008 Civic and I was able to read code that in this case was a faulty oxygen sensor and after repair I was able to erase code. 4. LAUNCH X431 CR3001 USB Free Update OBD2 Car Scanner OBD 2 Engine Code Reader Creader 3001 Auto Diagnostic tool PK CR319 ELM 327 I/M Readiness Status: Shows whether the various emissions-related systems on the vehicle are operating properly and are ready for inspection and maintenance testing. I was impressed with all the features it has at such a low price range (windows app for upgrading software, fault code reader and erasing, vehicle data, live data and o2 sensor tests). Works great and very easy to use. Simply follow the prompts of the New HardwareInstallation Wizard. Click here to download the CRecorder update files. Launch CReader 3001 is a plug and play scanner all you need is to directly connect it to your car. A: This will read check engine light codes for any vehicle 1996 and newer. No matter you are on the way , or in garage or on the trip , this little handheld tool accompanies with you .Simple and super easy to use. Q: Will this unit work on a 1995 ford f-150 and a 2011 smart car for two? So if you have a US built car it may still work! A: Creator 3001 can live data of readiness, shrtft22, O2S23 , shrtft23 , lean sensor. Since this is a .zip file, it will need to be decompressed. It’s paid for itself many times from just one use! Click the CHECK NUMBER VALID or CHECK NAME VALID buttons to help you input a valid username/password. It also has a dictionary so the codes can be looked up within the unit for an English description of what the issue is. Launch Creader 3001 Customers Reviews: Review 1: This Scan Tool is a good one, You can read and erase codes easily. How to use Launch Creader 3001? Remember to turn the ignition ON (with engine off) BEFORE connecting the code reader. You will also use Worth every penny! The CRecorder is a real-time data logger—hence, its internal clock needs to be set in order to give you thecorrect time stamp for your data. Reporting Problems with the CRecorder (hardware and software) and crecorder.com website. (I’ll have pics tomorrow) The listing may state that it is for Asian cars AFTER 2008, but it DOES work on my 2003 Toyota Camry, build in Kentucky. Step 4: Click [Upgrade] to start updating until the update is complete. Thoughtful design: All-in-one screen and easy-to-use hotkeys make the CReader 3001 an ideal tool for the DIYer and professional technicians alike. Q: Can this be used to clear the service engine soon light that came on due to missing gas cap on 2008 bmw 328i? 3.The CR3001 scanner is now ready to work. Q: What kind of Live data does it stream? 3. The device seems study, built with solid materials, its lightweight and small so you can keep it in the vehicle easily. Skype: Sales@OBDIItool.co.uk,