Fitbit: The UX behind the habit of exercise. As my first UX case study, this taught me many things, and yet is only a baseline as I begin pivoting my career into the UX profession. cookie targeting. Fitbit Case Solution,Fitbit Case Analysis, Fitbit Case Study Solution, Abstract The case illustrates the successful inception of Fitbitin the US market in 2006.Since from the initiation, the company gained substantial market If you follow these steps, you’re going to showcase your UX design skills in a fantastic light. Most users liked the additional communication options the prototype provided, however many requested more ways to analyze their Fitbit data with their personal trainer. University. Over the years Fitbit, Inc. has redefined the ways of doing business in Technology. I would also build out the health professional’s view of this new feature. Minor Missteps Cause Fitbit to Stumble "Know Your Heart" ad incites internet skepticism A clever ad intended With the current COVID-19 pandemic, I approached this case study wondering if mobile health would place greater emphasis on wearable technology as a virtual touch point between health professionals and clients. The prototype includes an in-app instant messaging service, a Physical / Mental / Other Conditions form in case of emergent concerns, a Weekly Wrap-Up for future reference and a gamified, trainer-customized “Hexi-Exercise Map” based on the Fitbit member’s personal goals. A doctor on demand. Mar 27, 2017. It was particularly helpful to see just how Fitbit members would interact with the new feature and allowed me to implement changes based on key, sometimes unforeseen, considerations that arose. As you discuss both the micro and macro environments, consider a quote from the case: “To hear Park tell it, ‘It was the right product at the right time at the right price point.’” Inherent inefficiencies in the platform (including no content management system) were putting a strain on internal resources. I had to plan a lot(as you can see in the lo-fi section). Some possible instances might be to let their personal trainer know about a recent injury, ask questions about their nutritional plan or share how their workout went. Bigger, better things. This annual list celebrates the healthiest in population health, taking into account organizational vision, success metrics, the impact on company culture, development of internal expertise, and use of technology. After sketching ideas and performing lightning demos on ways to improve communication and data sharing, I narrowed down which concepts I wanted to incorporate in the new Fitbit feature and then used Figma to create the Onboarding and Follow My Health prototypes. On individual Zoom calls, the participant shared their screen while completing specific tasks in the prototype, allowing me to observe and evaluate their actions and behaviors. Fitbit: the UX behind the habit of exercise — a UX case study. I created a Sprint Map and Lightning Demo to understand my user’s experience and opportunity areas. Here are ten UX heuristics (rules of thumb) that developers and designers of software applications need to keep in mind. Fitbit Health Solutions has helped power over 500 clinical research studies, by helping CROs and academic researchers leverage data from wearables and consumer health engagement. changing a habit is painful, so it’s even more important to make it as easy and friction-less as possible for a user to use those tools Since 2009, Fitbit has offered compact, affordable wearable devices focused on tracking and presenting a person’s daily activity through metrics to promote a healthy, active lifestyle. After, I prototyped the “Follow My Health” feature, tested my assumptions, and made adjustments according to the measurable findings. These were... A cognitive bias is an inherent thinking deviation from norm or rationality in judgement resulting in inaccurate and often irrational conclusions. During the discovery research phase, my colleagues and I evaluated the usability of the Fitbit app with two user types: a Fitbit member and a health professional, to include physicians, medical specialists, physical therapists and personal trainers, based on the below criteria. This was my first attempt at a formal UX case study and it was an incredible introduction to the UX design process. If you’d like to chat about growth, product, UX or startups, please reach me at … Fitbit’s campaign proves the power and value of . Over the last few years, other Fitbit devices have been at the heart of hundreds of clinical studies and trials, changing the way that medical research can now be conducted. This is the heart of user-centered design and the best way to articulate how you will be a valuable asset to any hiring company. Endeavour to make flow as easy and frictionless as possible. As is the case for many merchants, Fitbit’s home grown ecommerce platform was developed in the early ecommerce days of desktop but was no longer able to scale to the level of agility and reliability that Fitbit required. It should get pretty interesting. 1. The “Follow My Health” feature is focused on creating a simple, effective means for a Fitbit member and a personal trainer to communicate and share information. At its core its a search and comparison engine that scours the marketplace for tour... Fitbit is a popular app with a grand mission of getting people to start exercising. For the discovery research phase, I worked with two colleagues to screen 55 participants and interview 17 individuals who were either Fitbit members or health professionals. Read these Case Studies, Success Stories, Customer Stories & Customer References to decide if Fitbit Health Solutions is the right business software or service for your company. Qualitative and quantitative data findings demonstrated that the Follow My Health feature did provide effective communication elements, however the participants requested a more comprehensive solution or additional features to analyze the data together. Creating your first case studies for your UX design portfolio can seem challenging, but that’s not the case. We monitor all 18 case studies & success stories to prevent fraudulent case studies & success stories and keep all our case studies & success stories quality high. Decrease in Cost Per . FITBIT CASE ANALYSIS 1. Browse our resource center for case studies, guidebooks, videos and more. Based on the 55 screeners and 17 Zoom interviews we conducted, Fitbit members validated our assumption that sharing Fitbit data with health professionals would: provide valuable insight to better understand their Fitbit data and improve their ability to meet personal goals. Case study of user customized gifting ecom portal, Case study – Facebook’s timeline redesign, Cognitive bias – blind spots in everyday thinking, Adventure tours meta search feature case study, Fitbit – UX story behind the habit of exercising, Deep dive case study – applying user research to improve Duolingo app. Case Study Fitbit Assist. I envisioned the personal trainer view to be different from the Fitbit member’s. brings adventure travellers and guided tour brands together. View Case Study. You can start creating case studies from scratch by following these steps: Get foundational knowledge in UX : through learning (from books, the IxDF or elsewhere) design methodologies and common UX … Are you looking to learn more about Fitbit Health Solutions and how we can help you increase your employee motivation? Fitbit, Inc. is one of the leading firms in the Scientific & Technical Instruments. Major HBR cases concerns on a whole industry, a whole organization or some part of organization; profitable or non-profitable organizations. Seven participants (5 Fitbit members and 2 personal trainers) completed the User Test. Following the user tests, I adjusted the prototype accordingly and incorporated changes that increased usability, improved overall app navigation and alleviated pain points that were brought to light across multiple users. We are called the general consumers of the multi-billion dollar worth of wearable fitness tracker market. UX/UI Design for Sound Asleep – A sleep monitoring app that pairs with one of the world’s first smart pillows. While leading the global wearable technology industry, Fitbit has become a daily companion with a “fitness is all the time” mindset and continues to broaden their customer base through recent medical-related endeavors. There are so many examples out there, and often the ones that make the … FitBit Assist is an app designed to connect employees with a doctor, quickly and effortlessly. UX Case Study: Redesign BCA Mobile As time goes by, online payment may now be the best alternative for most people. UX approach was as per IDEO’s Human-Centered Design and Lean UX Design Thinking ie Empathize, Define, Ideate, Prototype, Validate. A baby store with an unfriendly online experience. Swot Analysis Of Case Study Two: Fitbit By Brian M Ginardi. Analyzing Fitbit data in a collaborative platform is the missing keystone needed to allow the Fitbit member and health professional to more effectively manage the Fitbit members’ health and well being. By focusing on their spoken, unspoken or expressed likes and dislikes of design features, I was able to refine my initial prototype from the user’s perspective. 2x . This case study tries to re-imagine a better Fitbit... Read more. When people are unable to physically meet health professionals what other means do they have to get the advice and attention they need. Moving into the design phase, we worked individually. UX designers—newbies and experts alike—will often share a case study on a portfolio website as a great way to get hired. Introduction: Fitbit, Inc., incorporated on March 26, 2007, is a provider of health and fitness devices. March 2019. The Fitbit case study is a Harvard Business Review case study, which presents a simulated practical experience to the reader allowing them to learn about real life problems in the business world. Writing my first case study was interesting as well as hectic. I decided to follow IDEO’s Human-Centered Design and Lean UX Design Thinking process to make sure that my design decisions were supported by user research and feedback. The assumption that users desire a better way to communicate and share data with their personal trainers was validated through user and market research, prototype build out and user testing. Fitbit Case Study Solution & Analysis In most courses studied at Harvard Business schools, students are provided with a case study. This case study discussed how the UX team came up with UX for a user customised gifting portal design. Ad Spend (ROAS) than . As the UX designer, I defined the problem, opportunity and validated the design. by Stacey Wang “Fitbit is a great product with a grand mission to get people moving. Sound Asleep. CASE STUDY: Fitbit Fitbit’s Agile Development Journey “SAFe has been a successful story for us. Considered by stakeholders and customers... You have entered an incorrect email address! Follow this UX case study template and you’ll be well on your way to your dream job. Desktop & Web UX. Fitbit is a popular app with a grand mission of getting people to start exercising. Amid this unique time of social distancing, wouldn’t one option be to virtually share Fitbit data with a physician, medical specialist or personal trainer? Banks in Indo n esia evolve and let their mobile banking application … Through user testing, I realized my prototype created more options to communicate and share information between a Fitbit member and their personal trainer; however, it did not meet the needs of the users in thoroughly analyzing their Fitbit data. Course. You’re bound to be hired in no time with a handful of these case studies. Fitbit: the UX behind the habit of exercise — a UX case study. A LiveRamp Case Study Fitbit Achieves 2X Higher ROAS Using LiveRamp Authenticated . Case Study: TransUnion. Each design element is intended to facilitate effective communication between the Fitbit member and their personal trainer. Higher Return On . A well-written case study is a compelling case study. I, along with most people I know, are the third type of person. Strategic Management 3 (MGT 4310) Uploaded by. Considering tight deadlines, the prototype did not include the build out of the personal trainer’s view of the Follow My Health feature. See what makes Fitbit the device of choice for researchers. Current alternatives rely on a member’s ability to share data through another app or communication means like forwarding their Weekly Assessment email or sending screenshots. This case study tries to re-imagine a better Fitbit app considering that there is room for improvement. ; Collect metrics along the way – Collect as many metrics as possible, which could back up decision-making. In retrospect, I realized how I would have done several things differently if I had the option to reframe the case study. All participants scored each requested task based on level of difficulty. Applications Netflix user choice paradox case study. What micro environmental factors have affected Fitbit since it opened for business? Identity Infrastructure. To achieve this, it faces one of the biggest challenges — changing a person’s habit. advertising without cookies. Run More Effective Remote Usability Tests with These 5 Tips, AI, data and design skills: outputs from a Design Council workshop, Fundamentals of Right to Left UI Design for Middle Eastern Languages, The Psychology Behind Disney’s “10 Commandments” for Experience Design, If technology isn’t the problem, it’s probably not the solution, Is open to sharing their Fitbit data with a health professional, Adjusts activity based on their Fitbit data, Agree that access to client Fitbit data would help them better serve their clients, Discovery Research — Understanding and Defining the Fitbit members needs and desires, Initial Prototype, User Testing, Adjust Prototype, Time Management — Improve on keeping the user test moving, Quantifying User Test — Include more quantifiable questions, Research Execution — Balance being friendly and better use of the “silence”, User Test Focus — Limit the scope instead of asking feedback on all elements. A UX case study tells the story of how you create a great website or app and, in particular, what you do to improve the UX of the site. Products the ‘solve a tricky problem’ need out of the box thinking. This case study tries to re-imagine a better Fitbit app considering that there is room for improvement. However, I did include personal trainers in the user test to capture their professional insight considering their previous client experiences. It allowed us to grow our team in a seamless way that integrated cross-functional groups and aligned with the company’s long-term strategy. With mutual access, the health professional can understand the context behind patient health, and the member can learn the why behind the trends in their Fitbit data. By prototyping both, I allowed current Fitbit members to opt in, provide personalized information and tailor their goals, which may change over time. Baker College. changing a habit is painful, so it’s even more important to make it as easy and friction-less as possible for a user to use those tools. Page View (CPPV) vs . Since 2009, Fitbit has offered compact, affordable wearable devices focused on tracking and presenting a person’s daily activity through metrics to promote a healthy, active lifestyle. UX/UI Design for an internal Fitbit App that connects employees to the best medical practitioners, on demand. $1.25 Thursday, September 3, 2015 The Red Thread, Discovered AT A GLANCE: From "Meh" to Must Have Fitbit unearths unlikely enthusiasts "Fitness doesn't follow a formula." Fitbit: the UX behind the habit of exercise — a UX case study. I will be speaking at Mobile UX London on 21 November about the way other people’s choices influence our decisions and how this applies to design. UX/UI Design for an internal Fitbit App that connects employees to the best medical practitioners, on demand. See how a credit reporting agency crushed step counts across the globe. ; Establish long-lived teams – Long-lived teams provide more stability and predictability. During the design phase, I narrowed the scope of the health professional user type to personal trainers to focus my project for the accelerated 8-week timeline. In this UX case study Pendar Yousefi walks us through his team's design process and decisions surrounding the redesign of Google Translate. For security, use of Google's reCAPTCHA service is required which is subject to the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. Punchcut worked with Fitbit to envision and design emerging health, fitness and lifestyle features across its portfolio of wearable, mobile and desktop devices. Fitbit Case Study Answers (Note that these answers serve as a guide and are not comprehensive). Each individual thoroughly narrated their experience and perceptions throughout the exercise. Things I learned by publishing my first typeface. The project’s scope was for academic purposes, and did not reach out to Fitbit. This comprehensive understanding provided a thorough foundation on which to define the user problem and propose a user-driven solution. As the leader in the connected health and fitness category, Fitbit designs products and experiences that track everyday health and fitness. In addition, it provided a “sink or swim” approach to learning a number of tools to add to my UX arsenal including: Figma, Invision, Mural, Medium, Notion, Userzoom and Whimsical. Fitbit Senior Product Designer David Teodorescu discusses perseverance, adaptability and his experience with case studies, freelancing, and huge companies. Fitbit, Inc. is listed at New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and have a market cap 1.17B USD. 34% . Parking is a major problem and no entrepreneur has come up with a strong idea to solve the problem( though there are 2–3 apps). cookie targeting. Fitbit Case information. I’m currently consulting startups on growth, product and UX strategy. Over the years, I have tried… … Through analysis of Fitbit and their market competitors, I honed in on the company, its branding, its loyal consumers and the services its app and devices provide. Read UX Design Case Study. When putting together a UX case study, you’re telling a story about your work to potential employers. Executive Summary Fitbit is a relatively new company (founded in 2007) that has already established a strong brand name and has positioned itself as a frontrunner in the fitness tracking industry. Each user has a goal to... Timeline viewer on Facebook which allows users to revisit old posts, events, statuses etc is one of its oldest and cherished features. Here is a case study of how User Experience Agency came up with a product that speaks to women and offers them high value... With 300 million registered users Duolingo is clearly a success story, however there was still scope for improvement as the abondonment rate seemed to... An interested re-design story of Crocodile Baby’s website which needed an overhaul to cater to all types of visitors. Incorporate user feedback to improve design flow, description of new features and create additional ways for personal trainers and Fitbit members to both easily make data correlations and influence their training. Nobody has a perfect case study … We collaborated on a Competitor Analysis to understand the industry and Fitbit members’ needs. Just like sending a resumé. This step rendered data capturing their perception of the feature, which accompanied my observational evaluation of their actions during the Zoom call. The initial discovery research and the design phases were each eight weeks long. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY 1.1. There are generally three types of people in the world when it comes to exercising: Stacey Wang. Don’t miss retrospectives – After every PI planning event, Fitbit listens to feedback on what went well and what needs improvement—and integrates those changes for the next PI. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. How to Craft an Outstanding Case Study for Your UX Portfolio Writing case studies for your UX portfolio can feel opaque and overwhelming. Genuinely empathize with core goals of the app. The effect of a wearable physical activity monitor ( Fitbit One ) on physical activity behaviour in women : A pilot study. Overview. 13% . If you know any good case study & app redesign, please comment or shoot me an email so I can add it to this list! details Farnell, G. and Barkley, J. Just remember: When you’re writing your UX case studies, show how your users influenced your design decisions. Change as small as enlarging a button or changing an icon can make a difference.