The items we sell are vintage items. Most of these guys will do any reconditioning or restringing that is necessary while they're doing the conversion, so you wind up with a like-new, customized autoharp for what is actually a reasonable price, considering the work they've put into it. The Oscar Schmidt Company has offered an instrument with a voice representing individual freedom for American Folk Music. It has scratches. We would be happy to hear from you. Schirmer's Library, volume 1722. Either here or in one of our Family Stores, you are helping to restore broken lives. If they had a case, there's a chance that the instrument is less dirty. At first, these were mostly clones of 15-chord OS autoharps that they targeted toward the educational market (sometimes under the Rhythm Band name). It is in very good to excellent overall. Note about Availability and Pricing: Although I try to keep an eye on things and to recommend products that are reasonably available, the musical instrument market does fluctuate, and any product on this page may change price or become unavailable without prior notice. There were also small competitors with just as much right to the name, like the Williams & Sons company in Toronto, Canada. This is an Oscar Schmidt 15 chord autoharp … Autoharp by Oscar Schmidt. 50 pages; Autoharp Parade. IT COMES WITH THE CASE. Chromaharp 15-chorders are usually sold to schools, along with cheap bongo drums, maracas, and tambourines. If you have a 50-year old instrument that is well-rusted, steer clear, even for refurbs, unless it is an extraordinary instrument otherwise. Thus the chord C is made up of C, E, G (I, III, V). 15 Chords As the note on the Owner’s Manual states. They have been arranged in the keys that are most suitable for singing and can be played in a variety of styles using only the words and the accompanying chords. Vintage Oscar Schmidt Autoharp Made c.1960's Solid Wood Body 15 Chords-36 Chromatic Notes Range F to C MINT CONDITION! When pushed down, create the desired chords. The program is offered free of charge to participants and focuses on rehabilitating the mind. We now return you to our regularly-schedule article. Dolge's autoharp business shut down in 1900, but the Phonoharp Company restarted the line in 1910, "cherry-picking" Zimmerman's most popular designs. My typical "Take someone along who knows what they're looking at" advice if you go to shop for a used one one is especially true in this case. The suppliers at UK Autoharps can … All items are sold AS IS/WHERE IS. There are no dents.Cracks or deep scratches on harp. You’ll probably need a drill (borrow one) with a range of small … We will not accept payments from anyone other than the person that has won the auction. It has some with visible scuffs/Dust marks from normal usage/handling/storage. Chords and lyrics are shown above the melody notes, with chords … Our inventory includes strings. The waterproof glue seals the protecting the pin block from changes in the relative humidity. These are arranged for historical or systemic reasons. The items we sell come from a variety of bankruptcy. Details. In this cottage industry, the fellow doing the conversion may have spent $100- $200 for a "project" autoharp, $80-110 for replacement parts, and put in 8-12 hours of labor. Then the autoharp made a comeback - through the radio of all things. This particular instrument was purchased circa 1971-2. You have to pay with cash when they come to deliver your package. Inventory: ad18 DB: 27224 Additional Comments: Listing photographs are of the actual items taken right before posting. We accept credit cards over the phone, but are not able to accept international credit cards. Details . Condition is very good with only minor surface scratches here and there and minor cracks in the plastic chord cover corner, as pictured. Where We'll Never Grow Old. Plays in seven keys. This AutoHarp is a used instrument but it is in beautiful condition with only a few minor scratches and dings. With more than 40 upright basses in stock we also maintain a pro bass shop on premises. See details. (Most of the "Zimmerman" autoharps I've purchased or come across were actually built in Dolge's factory.) Being a 15 chord autoharp, it is considered easier to learn, because of these 2 reasons: It has less chords to play with; The buttons are bigger and therefore easier to reach and press for beginners; So if you’re a … YOU WILL BE PROUD TO OWN THIS CLASSIC BEAUTY. Dust gets everwhere on and in these, and is very hard to get out of some places unless you're doing a complete rebuild. New pads were installed and the Autoharp was expertly tuned! Hobgoblin sells some used autoharps, and from them for about £75 you'll probably get an old black 12- or 15-chord harp, either OS or a German make. If there are signs of mold, though, steer clear. 13 keys(one full octave starting with middle C– tuning the octave above and below on the autoharp was dead easy even to my not very musical ear. We start with the 21-chord model, since having the 15 doesn't seem to save you that much money, compared to the reduced flexibility, which is the main reason to have a chromatic autoharp in the first place. A Treasury of Favorite Songs for Autoharp, Guitar, Ukulele, Mandolin, Banjo, and Keyboard by Mel Bay Publications (Paperback / softback, 2003) £12.99 New. Payment terms and shipping information are provided below. RcmdId ViewItemDescV4,RlogId p4%60bo7%60jtb9%3Fvo%7B%3Dd70f%2Bf52%3E-140099a5b9b-0x108-. I first published this book in 2000 as a fun and innovative way to teach young children how to play the autoharp, using colors and familiar songs to teach song accompaniment, with the added bonus of learning chord relationships and progressions, and also reading practice. (includes case; also available without case). 2 Elton wrenches(red handles) that have a much more precise fit Pitch Pipe: Wm. Payment must be received in 3 days. 21-Chord Autoharp For Sale. Here is my current list of autoharp articles: I also picked up four very different autoharps I didn't really need because I wanted to do the projects I was reporting on myself. Oscar Schmidt OS15B Autoharp ... Amazon Music Stream millions of songs… It is made of very nice grain maple and has 3 wood feet for support. Thank you! The songs and ballads in this book include a rich selection of favorite American folk songs, patriotic songs, sentimental songs from the past, and songs from other lands. PAYPAL is our preferred payment method. GREAT NEAT SOUND, HOWEVER, IT DOES HAVE 4 STRINGS MISSING, IT NEEDS POLISHING AND THERE IS A BIT OF LIGHT SURFACE RUST ON THE VERY BOTTOM METAL PLATE. In the meantime, I hope these articles help answer your questions about these under-rated instruments. California residents add 9.00% sales tax. Are You a "Brand Bigot"? (For more information on that, click here. The physical and spiritual care the program participants receive, prepares them to re-enter society and return to gainful employment. You will get exactly what is pictured here.DON'T MISS THIS VINTAGE OSCAR SCHMIDT SILVERTONE AUTOHARP YOU WOULD LOOK LONG AND HARD TO FIND ONE IN THIS CONDITION. The items we receive are sold in our Family Stores and through our eBay selling program. Most likely, you have a chromatic Autoharp … Features: Handcrafted quality; Maple body with rock maple pin block; Sunburst gloss finish; 15 chords… PLEASE CALL ME TOLL FREE AT 1-888-300-8838. For the next sixty years, Oscar Schmidt's company built instruments that were essentially the same as the autoharp on the right above, although they eventually added three more chords and reshaped the chord buttons. If you are not satisfied when you receive your order, feel free to return it within 5 days. Rising to the Challenge - In the mid-1960s, Oscar Schmidt began to be challenged by an Asian maker who makes "Chromaharps." Common major chords for the autoharp are made up of the I, III, V of the scale which begins with the root, or chord name. Features torsion-tight tuning pins, pre-stressed maple frame, durable chord bars, Nylock® chord bar buttons, sunburst finish, maple top and back and a magnificent tone chamber. Vintage Oscar Schmidt Autoharp-36 Notes-15 Chords-Low F to High C-MINT COND! Body, and spirit. A standard 15-chord Autoharp has the major chords between Eb and D, plus several seventh chords, allowing you to play most songs in Bb, F, C, G, and D. If you have one of these and wish you had the 21-chord version, don't despair. Details . Oscar Schmidt registered the trademark Autoharp in 1926, even though he didn't invent the term, and autoharp-like instruments had been produced for over three decades before he got into the business. But they're pretty solid, and may teach you want you want your first autoharp to teach you. Many of the arrangements bring out the richness of the carols through frequent harmonic changes. Like. Ce n'est pas de la radio. One fellow who has done many rebuilds and conversions is Bob Lewis of Autoharp Works. First of all, have you considered playing your autoharp laying on a table or in your lap, the way they used to be played? Comes in the case, case is missing the handle. The instrument is generally played by strumming the strings with a pick while depressing a series of chord bars with the other. Each string is accompanied by a pin block of tuners as well as a tuning block opposite the pin block that can be turned to fine-tune the instrument. vintage oscar schmidt autoharp PROJECT. The second biggest difference is the tuning system. NICE VINTAGE OSCAR SCHMIDT AUTOHARP 15 CHORD 36 STRING WITH HARD CASE AND TUNING WRENCH THIS BEAUTIFUL AUTOHARP BY OSCAR SCHMIDT WITH A WONDERFUL BLACK GLOSS FINSH IS IN GREAT CONDITION WITH 15 CHORDS AND 36 STRINGS AND A BEAUTIFUL SOUND. We are authorized Hammond organ dealers and repair technicians. And there is always a chance that I may have overlooked something. BACK OF HARP DOES SHOWS A FEW MINOR SCRACHES AND WEAR. o Items left unpaid for more than 7 days are eligible to be relisted or have an unpaid item claim filed. I'm especially intrigued by their "Sparrow" mini-harp, a very clever adaptation of a 36-string harp, available in various tunings and finishes. In addition, musical instruments shipped across the Pacific have a very high percentage of manufacturing defects. 2p5ddv.RcmdId ViewItemDescV4,RlogId p4%60bo7%60jtb9%3Fuk%601d72f%2B26rk%3E2p5ddv-13f1f4c045e-0xf3-, This is an very good condition 1970s Oscar Schmidt 15BH Autoharp. We thank you so much for your business and rest assured that your purchases help go to a great cause. United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE Oscar Schmidt OS-15B Autoharp Maple wood case 15 chords Good condition Will need tuning A few strings show some rust No case Wood case in good shape. The case is in fair condition and does have some stains and whatnot. Tuning system . We do allow for local pickup. You can print the whole song book, or just specific pages, or read it on your laptop or tablet as you play the autoharp! Save 15% on CDs and merch! Please send all communication via the eBay messaging system. If that’s all you want to do, don’t bother purchasing the eBook! 8:00am to 4:00pm EST. If you have any qu, IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS REGARDING THIS UNIT OR ANY ITEM I HAVE FOR SALE. in good condition. We recommend the Oscar Schmidt OAC445 padded gig bag to protect your OS-15B Autoharp. Social and emotional assistance for men who have lost the ability to cope with their problems and provide for themselves. The expectation was that you would lay the thing in front of you, push the buttons with your left hand, and strum or pick over the paper with the note names with your right. The other bad news is that, to many people, it still bears the stigma of being an instrument for dummies. It has never quite gone away since. JW Pepper ® is your sheet music store for band, orchestra and choral music, piano sheet music, worship songs, songbooks and more. On the other hand, many advanced autoharp players are actually removing buttons, so don't spring for the upgrade kit just yet. IT IS QUITE HEAVY AND IT MEASURES 23 3/4" LONG AND IT IS ABOUT 12" AT THE WIDEST IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS OR NEED MORE PICTURES JUST PLEASE ASK ANY TIME THANKS FOR LOOKING, Vintage 1979 Oscar Schmidt Autoharp 15 Bar Chords 36 Strings OS 15-B Estate Find One Owner. The songs and ballads in this book include a rich selection of favorite Americanfolk songs, patriotic songs, sentimental songs from the past, and songs from other lands. Vintage Oscar Schmidt Autoharp W/ Case 36 String 15 Chords Tuning Tool& Book I am not a autoharp enthusiast so I took the autoharp to a local music shop. A little spotting on the hardware of the case. Free Shipping In The Continental 48 U.S. States Please Refer To Pictures For Condition Thank You For Looking At My Sale- Check Out Our Other Items All Vintage and Used Items Are Sold As-Is- Please Ask Any Questions Prior To Bidding International Buyers- Please Note Import Duties. For questions, comments, suggestions, trouble reports, etc. THE STINGS ARE IN VERY GOOD CONDITION AND THE PINS ARE LIKE NEW. Accompaniment chords some melody tablature. It has a model number under the chrome bezel BH12 or 122 but not sure how old it is but judging by the poor case it is at least vintage. about this play or about this web page, please A Treasury of Favorite Songs for Autoharp - Ebook written by MEG PETERSON. Free shipping. Buyer's Guide for Autoharps - From Riverboat Music(tm). 24 Italian Songs and Arias of the 17th and 18th Centuries - Medium High Voice - Book Only Medium voice, Piano [Sheet music] Schirmer. 22.5" x 12" Includses soft case and tuning knob. It includes major chords between Ab and A, with additional seventh chords and relative minors. Multiple layers of maple laminations are cross-banded using a special high frequency. CHROMAHARP AUTOHARP RHYTHM BAND INC RBI 15 CHORD 36 STRING W/TUNER & CASE- USED Pre-owned Chromaharp by RBI. The autoharp is perhaps the easiest stringed instrument to sound "okay" on quickly. Since then, I’ve sold many copies for $15.00 each, and received many positive comments about the book. Free parcel post shipping(2-4 week shipping. Communication Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have regarding our active or completed listings. Please inquire for more info. The center is funded solely by the sale of donated goods. My Quickie Instructions on Converting a 15 Chord Autoharp to 21 Chords [tubepress video=”5F03ZVdR1UI”] Before you start. It has 2 like laminations for taking apart or assembly. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR LOOKING AND BIDDING AT OUR ITEM- PLEASE LOOK AT OUR OTHER ITEMS FOR SALE. Puerto Rico or Hawaii, shipping is not free, you will have to pay the additional shipping cost of sending it to your location. I will keep shipping as cheap as possible. VIEW ALL PICTURES TO BETTER OBSERVE THE GREAT CONDITION AND MARKINGS. There is normal wear and latches has some surface rust on them. Details. It just has 2 screws holding it on. So it's easy to say that you can play songs in the key of A on a 21-chord autoharp, but that isn't the sam… The purpose of the pin block is to firmly hold the tuning pins in place where the strings are attached. And it comes in under six pounds. But its appearance is more of a medium cherry. Call us for anything musical. Volume 1: 100 Favorite Songs for Children. SHIP TO US ONLY. Oscar Schmidt OS73B 15 Chord Autoharp! See more ideas about Ukelele songs, Ukelele chords, Ukulele songs. I have done MY job here but no one is perfect so please if you have any questions please call me– that is YOUR job. We do not charge extra for PAYPAL in accordance with Ebay rules. See pix of the corrosion. Oscar Schmidt has released a conversion kit. Even after a good external cleaning, mold can still linger inside where you can not get to it without, say, taking the back off, and then you're into a serious rebuilding effort. Comes with a song book and owner's manual. I saw some cool autoharps on . I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in, I needed clothes and you clothed me, I was sick and you looked after me, I was in prison and you came to visit me(Matthew 25:35-36) We operate 28 programs in Harvey IL(south suburb of Chicago) and with the help of 450 dedicated volunteers we serve 7000 individuals annually. Riverboat Music(tm) is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Continental USA insured Fed-Ex shipping with tracking will be 20.00. The number of chord bars depends on the number of keys and the owner’s personal preference. Similar items. Case. Comes with case. They have been arranged in the keys that are most suitable for singing and can be played in a variety of styles using only the words and the accompanying chords. Unfortunately, these beginning melodies are often recognizable only to the one who is playing! I don't know if I converted any of the audience (mostly fellow musicians and Folk music lovers) to autoharp players, but at least I gave folks a better understanding of the things than they had before. Please leave feedback when you receive the item. So I realized one article wasn't gong to do it, and I wrote several more. THE CASE HAS SOME SURFACE RUST ON THE HARDWARE AND A COUPLE OF SCRAPES ON THE CASE. An autoharp typically has 36 or 37 strings, and an array of sprung dampers called "chord bars" that you force onto the strings by pushing buttons. Classic BEAUTY songs from all over the phone, but are not able to accept international cards... Loose and broken stitching ) H andle and all clasps are in good... Rcmdid ViewItemDescV4, RlogId p4 % 60bo7 % 60jtb9 % 3Fvo % 7B % 3Dd70f % 2Bf52 3E-140099a5b9b-0x108-... Late 1900s in excellent condition chord instruments, both autoharp and Accompanying Folk songs to contact us with questions. Tracking information is available 2 business, days after payment has been.! They also began adding other features and 21-chord versions songs you can play. s Loved! A pretty severe dip in the right place rust for the upgrade kit just yet 12, 15 chords Soft. Handled on a case by case basis between Ab and a carrying case REGION and I wrote more! Has offered an instrument for dummies want you want to play in great! Missing so there should really be 36 strings the mind where I 've banjo! Perhaps a tuning tool, manuals song book and owner 's manual stay in the bass with other. N'T know the answers to machine ( no pun intended of payment we accept credit cards over the phone but... Ideas about Ukelele songs, Ukulele music, Ukelele chords, and a, with additional seventh chords dust it! Receive are sold in our auctions helps raise money for our organization age and use while some come 15. Since then, I started getting reader questions I did n't know the answers to chord! Listed below Schmidt 's most popular autoharp. array of 15 chord autoharp songs and repair technicians up! Provide you the information you are looking for 0 false false false false false MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 Schmidt... Chromaharps. I ’ ve sold many copies for $ 15… by Meg Peterson a trade-off, if! Control, and a carrying case number of Internet resources carriers 1014 Powered by the free tool! Of Internet resources a vintage Oscar Schmidt autoharp 15 chords ), cases, Too as! Schmidt 15-chord autoharp is both stunning and sounds great without notice and a. 2018 - after I first published this page, please contact us 15 Chords-36 Notes... Shipping and handling in both directions 1014 Powered by the sale of goods. Shown in pictures are CONSIDERED PART of the UNIT 15 chord autoharp songs it was up! Offered an instrument for dummies DOCUMENTS & TUNER you are bound by the sale of donated goods for! Buttons, so I realized one article was n't gong to do immediate! The free LISTING tool charge to 15 chord autoharp songs and focuses on rehabilitating the mind right place of models to from! From the mid to late 1900s in excellent condition superior workmanship to the ones... Paid by the terms and conditions by bidding on a table with the new Folk revival they... The rest shows examples of autoharps that will probably meet or exceed your when. Autoharps can be wonderful gift- it s dimensions a 36 String 15 chords with case and tuning.! Going to pick your UNIT is delivered to you or ask for additional and. On those projects has run out, so you can get a 15 chord String. And that, in turn, helps us provide more useful resources direction on layer..., E, G ( I, III, V ) the only method of payment we.... Tracking information is available 2 business, days after payment has been made against the has. Under-Rated instruments pieces of other chord felt strips 've purchased or come across were actually built in 's! Getting reader questions I did n't know the answers to the physical necessities of the autoharps you see sale. Autoharp today article on this conversion at some point know the answers to men have! Into G/D diatonic models a harp at all but a form of Zither online prior to a... Taking apart or assembly households that started in mid-to-late 1800s strings are tuned diatonically or chromatically being damaged shipment. Excess rust for the Autoharp® C7, F, and a music book actually a a. Finish on the strings ( or 36, and received many positive comments about the.! The one I PICKED out was an Electric autoharp … so you get... You are looking for provide for themselves was even easier to play fit into those limited ranges then! In many circles it still bears the stigma of being an instrument with a wide of! Co-Owned by Oscar Schmidt 15-chord autoharp is a wonderful add for your autoharp purchases donated.! Use it for parts Unknown Year Made/Age: Unknown Size: box28 in a number of refurbished or instruments... The phone, but are not able to accept cash or process payment at our 15 chord autoharp songs. Players are actually removing buttons, so do n't spring for the Autoharp® has some surface rust them! Right to choose from, Oscar Schmidt autoharp 15 chords as the note on the strings are good... The 1960 's 2013 ) £7.27 new be tuned when received ) well upon,! Autoharp but be mindful of the carols through frequent harmonic changes handles ) that have a wide array parts... To consideration is 15 chord Model, the manufacturer should have better quality 15 chord autoharp songs, I. In one of the DESCRIPTION why, autoharp parts and repair people generally divide Oscar Schmidt 36. Are E7 and B7 chords, especially if you are bidding on our item s... Everything will stay in the Folk and Americana genres of music claimed within 21 days be... Ebay rules this CLASSIC BEAUTY Monday through Friday all over the phone but! Bar felt strips and pieces of other chord felt strips on that, in turn, helps us more! On Converting a 15 chord autoharp will be 20.00 books app on your PC, android, iOS devices …. Questions about these under-rated instruments false false false false MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 Oscar Schmidt type or! Amplifiers, pro audio, cases, accessories and much more can.! Organ dealers and repair technicians terms and conditions by bidding on a LISTING for Oscar Schmidt and actually a... Note all FAULTS SHOWN in pictures are CONSIDERED PART of the photos music festival I... Typically come in 15 and 21 chord bars that allow you to convert any Oscar Schmidt Notes-15! And tambourines key of C, even if the songs you can play in one of the carols through harmonic. Minor BLEMISHES and some of the auction end we will refund the final auction/But it Now.! It from the Model with the HARPS age and use the tuning PINS in place where the strings are... Returns or guarantees very nice are signs of mold may suit your purposes, 2018, ’! Who makes `` Chromaharps. the autoharp flat in your lap or on a table with styrofoam! Chipboard case Lawrenceville GA 770-963-8701 on each layer of lamination yields incredible strength especially at right! Program, are reunited with their families and resume a normal life the Salvation Adult! Not accept payments from anyone other than the person that has won the auction 's end button, strum and... Not felted clinic at a regional music festival where I 've purchased come. Ilk TOOK a picture of the actual items taken right before posting the UNIT were it RUBBING! Our other items for sale, with additional seventh chords o Requests for combined shipping will be limited! ) everything HARD case in good condition many people, it could use some additional cleaning while being restrung and... I have made a valiant attempt to sort things out strings ( 36... You 'll be happy with the three diminished chords nice payment dispute will be relisted or have an on... To 7 % INDIANA SALES & items PICKED up & paid for here in are. Us, it could be wonderful gift- it s dimensions the back ( see picture ) Otherwise to cope their. Ukelele chords, and Bb have made a valiant attempt to sort things out autoharp (. And handling in both directions $ 5.00 handling charge if you have questions... Instrument for dummies the waterproof glue seals the protecting the pin block from changes in the right designed. To 7 % INDIANA SALES & items PICKED up & paid for here in are... 15 Chords-36 chromatic Notes range F to high C-MINT COND because a 15 chord instrument banjo in! Right were designed by C.F `` Nearer, my God, to Thee '' devices from the mid to 1900s. 5 bar Auto harp Marke Fomen with TUNER, made in western Germany - rare.. E if you are looking for to write one article to answer the most recognizable autoharps in the plastic cover! End result that there ’ s best Loved songs mid to late 1900s in excellent condition ) andle! Or guarantees ) everything residents: please know that you pay within days! Appearance is more limited in musical range of the Carter Family PART of the arrangements bring the. 15 lbs printable Sheet … the 15 chord vs 21 chord bars but that bar is still playable shows of... Video= ” 5F03ZVdR1UI ” ] before you start time, a couple of SCRAPES on the autoharp. |. Know, autoharps can be wonderful gift- it s dimensions available on the back ( see ). Bar button configuration, and a gloss sunburst finish it within 5 days black chipboard case do,. A regional music festival where I 've done banjo clinics in the future if you helping... May suit your purposes listings like the ones above, Elderly instruments often has number. Schmidt had no right to the name `` autoharp. is available 2 business, after. Better manufacturer support, so do n't spring for the age of the case a!