Usually, customers need to make a large investment, so purchasing something spur-of-the-moment isn’t an option. Our findings have been confirmed by two of the most influential motivational researchers. Gamification is not the first thing that comes to mind when picturing LinkedIn, as it’s a B2B platform. In other words, successful B2B gamification strategies don’t just motivate the gamer to win, but to keep them winning in new ways. It sounds like you’re ready to gamify your B2B marketing and CX strategy. In my opinion, there are two equally important drivers behind its growth: 1) low employee engagement levels among sales and marketing professionals and 2) growing importance of intrinsic values. 4 Select game mechanics.. Game mechanics describes the components of a game — the tools employed by game designers to generate and reward activity among players (or, in the case of a gamification program, customers, employees, or other users).Most gamification programs leverage game mechanics in one way or another. It’s a full-on necessity at this point! For B2B brands, in particular, the sales funnel is long and sensitive. Do you understand their desires and aspirations? This example illustrates how you can add … When we are looking at gamification at B2B events, there is no set playbook, and all endeavors are experimental in nature. Money is awesome. Collaboration, as well as creativity, are all important now when we need each other more than ever.”, “…as senior leaders elevate digital as a strategic priority, they can look to B2C companies and industries for inspiration.”, “North America is expected to have the highest market share” for gamification in the field of marketing”, “projected to witness the highest incorporation of gamification systems in enterprise-level solutions”. We compiled the most practical tips and inspiring examples to help you get started. Called Bring Points, the program has been integrated in its lead generation and management process. Gamification is the application of game mechanics by organizations in order to achieve business objectives. They have shown that intrinsic rewards such as autonomy, mastery and purpose are highly valued and have a stronger impact on employee motivation than extrinsic rewards. For more details, you can listen to the entire story: "B2B Gamification: how Autodesk used game mechanics for in-trial marketing". Nonetheless, you also know that salespeople do not always embrace new selling activities and behaviors enthusiastically. They are simply numeral points, which players earn and collect for their performance. The US Army. B2B gamification: Three key points. There are five game mechanics typically used in business gamification programs. Often, sales teams resist undertaking something unfamiliar or uncertain. So instead of giving a prospect a spiel on why they should buy from your B2B company, try engaging with your prospects in a fun and playful way. Drive online community engagement. It's no secret that a solution to motivate sales forces to behave in ways that are aligned with organizational goals is urgently needed. Several years ago, they saw this online community as a “tremendous marketing instrument,” as we learn here. A rookie mistake is to overlook the need to align the objective of the game with the purchase complexity of the business deals. The purpose of having levels is to keep players engaged after they master the previous level. Ranking system that keeps score on player's performance. He defines it as method to solve problems and change behaviors. To do this, I will start by explaining what is gamification and then move on to explore some areas where it can be applied in B2B sales. In fact, gamification is no longer a fad but rather a growing trend in the business landscape. It’s hard to be best at everything. If you offer an online community, you want that community to … Wondering if you can apply gamification in B2B sales? They gamified the training process and became an instant hit within a few days of going live in 2009. According to the white paper. Rewarding players with points and badges or displaying top players on special leaderboards, marketers can appeal to the competitive nature of humans and successfully engage consumers with the brand. A company called Snofly applied gamification on its inside sales organization as a means to deal with low engagement and high rep turn over. For IBM, Innov8 was the top lead generator. We believe in creating a great gamification app and making it easy to connect Pointagram. Initially, candidates are asked to fill an online profile with their real data and become a part … We miss the hugs, the laughs, and the shoulders to lean on. And don’t hesitate to drop us a line if you have any questions or insights. 1) Starbucks – MY REWARDS PROGRAM. So now that you are familiar with five game mechanics, it is time to explore how to put gamification to work. Gamification in eCommerce usually gets people to think about the creepy personalized shopping done in the world of Minority Report. As part of a multi-channel campaign, the game was a great success largely due to its playability. Increase Engagement and Improve Customer Experience with Gamification. They are examples of successful gamification use cases. Consequently, games need to be designed taking into account what makes them tick. These gamification examples will help you use game tactics for big results. The variety of definitions indicate that it is a hot topic. Do you have a clear understanding of what motivates your sales team? Partial Gamification: Features Of A Gamified Activity. Interactive Leaderboards. MktoForms2.loadForm("//", "966-VWE-480", 1020); Get sales & marketing best practices delivered monthly, “Play helps alleviate stress, allows us to express our true selves, helps unlock creative thinking, and provides a ‘safe space’ for collaboration. As you know, change involves the adoption of new selling behaviors. For, example, your sales and marketing team could enhance its current way to acquire new as well as retain and engage existing customers by embedding game mechanics into current processes. Giving points for meeting academic objectives. A final example to share: SAP has a massive online community of both staff and representatives. If you consider using gamification to achieve business objectives, be careful not to fall into a common pitfall. WHAT: A creative customer loyalty program that boosts repeat sales by rewarding every purchase. The important thing to remember about points is that they do not have financial or monetary value. Let's begin by recognizing that there is no formal definition. Let’s check out the gamification elements and mechanics they are using: Duolingo – 300,000,000 users However, if gamification is to be used effectively, sales leaders must begin by understanding it well. “Play helps alleviate stress, allows us to express our true selves, helps unlock creative thinking, and provides a ‘safe space’ for collaboration. “For B2B companies, such as Oracle, Cisco, and Salesforce, gamification has emerged as a key element in their consumerization of the enterprise strategy.” “These organizations are attracted by gamification’s ability to raise engagement and loyalty, measured in time, on-site, repeat visits, and viral distribution by an average of 30%. Whether you have 10 or 10,000 employees, the motivating factors don't change. Keep B2B customers coming back with these gamification ideas: As a marketer, it’s hard to create and maintain a thriving B2B brand community. It can even be counterproductive.
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