Construction, Manufacturing Groups Challenge OSHA Silica Rule

Opposition to OSHA’s silica standard has triggered a slew of lawsuits from construction and manufacturing groups that argue the new rule will be too costly — and technologically impossible — to implement. OSHA says the environment, health and safety rule, which targets the construction, industrial, maritime and fracking sectors, will help curb lung cancer, silicosis […]

China Will Cut Back Its Coal Use. What does it Mean for the United States?

China is getting sick of breathing dirty air. So the top brass there says that the country will cut output from its coal-burning power plants over the next three years. But what does it mean to the United States and is this really a concession? The bottom line is that Chinese gross domestic output is […]

How Cutting Methane Waste Won the West – By Record Numbers

Over the past few months, hundreds of thousands of people across the U.S. have spoken out in support of action on one very important topic: methane. Methane is the main ingredient of natural gas.  It helps heat our homes and power our economy.  But when leaked or vented into the atmosphere, methane is also a […]

Using Competitors’ Data to Boost Your Firm’s EHS Performance

Big data is changing how environment, health and safety managers do their jobs, from complying with environmental laws to managing risk and ensuring worker safety on the production floor. Here’s another way big data can boost EHS performance and businesses: you can access other companies’ data to gain a competitive advantage. In a P2 (pollution […]

Waste Reduction, An All Or Nothing Game?

Living an eco friendly lifestyle can be challenging at times. You’d think these difficulties would arise because of the constant composting or the sourcing of environmentally-conscious products; efforts to change the way we live, eat, and get around our cities. There are so many different facets to green living that it wouldn’t be surprising to come up against the occasional …

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