Zap Home Electric Waste With This ‘Next Gen’ Power Strip

Invented in 1972 by Australian electrical engineer Peter Talbot, power strips help better manage our electric devices and guard against power surges.  By design they guard against energy waste (think phantom power) and in the event of a catastrophic power surge, monetary waste (think not having to replace a computer for example). The i-BRIGHT™7x Smart Surge Protector by Tri Cascade, Inc. could just be the …

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Product Water Footprinting Pilot Seeks Business Participants

A product water footprinting program by the Carbon Trust is seeking businesses to pilot the new certification and labeling scheme. The scheme will help businesses to demonstrate their water management leadership by certifying the life cycle water use of their products to an international standard, the Carbon Trust says. The businesses will be able to […]

Statoil to Field Test Methane Detection Technology

Statoil has joined the Environmental Defense Fund’s Methane Detectors Challenge — a collaboration between oil and natural gas companies, technology developers, environmental groups and government and academic advisors that aims to identify and bring to market new technologies that will help reduce methane emissions from oil and natural gas operations. EDF says methane emissions present an economic […]

IBM Recycles 97% of End-of-Life Products

IBM recycled, reused or resold almost 97 percent of the end-of-life products it collected for processing last year, according to the tech giant’s 25th annual corporate sustainability report. In its other waste and recycling accomplishments, IBM sent 86 percent of the nonhazardous waste it generated worldwide in 2014 to be recycled, and purchased recycled plastics […]

ABUTEC Removes Harmful Compounds from DC Water Digester

Advanced Burner Technologies (ABUTEC) and its partner engineered, designed and fabricated a biogas conditioning system to help DC Water in Washington DC remove siloxanes from its digester gas stream, Forester Daily News reports. When DC water was in the process of installing a combined heat and power facility, it found a problem in removing siloxanes […]

The Best Source Of Information On The Food You Eat

How good is the food that you’re buying at the supermarket? Don’t think about just calorie counts or ingredients, but consider the way that your food was sourced, transported or manufactured. Chances are, you don’t know the nitty gritty details about the company that makes your boxed pasta or bottle of orange juice – but you can. HowGood is a …

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Outdoor Pot Growth ‘Waste of Water,’ Growers Face Steep Fines

Outdoor marijuana growth is a waste of water, say Sacramento County supervisors, and this means higher fines for pot growers. The Sacramento Bee reports the supervisors two weeks ago moved to categorize using water for outdoor marijuana cultivation as a waste of water. Pot growers could face fines of up to $500 per day. California […]