Saucy Gift Set for the Home Gardener

I don’t know about you, but when I’m shopping online, I look at customer reviews before I add anything to my shopping cart. Well, the reviews for the Grow Your Own Marinara Kit are pretty funny. While positive, there are some people who felt like the package needed something like a pretty pasta bowl or a recipe for marinara sauce in the box to really complete the package. I’ll tell you, I laughed. I mean, do bath salts tell you how to run water in the tub? Do yoga mats come with instructions on the proper asanas for relaxation? Uncommon Goods is really great about listing adorably named green products on their site. This one certainly isn’t the only product with a catchy name. The three items—a mini tomato plant, oregano, and basil—complement one another so well that it just makes sense for the kit to have a fun name. I suppose it could be called Grow Your Own Caprese Salad Kit, but then you know there would be someone out there wondering why there’s … Continued

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Water Shortages: Learning from 1977

What is interesting about the California drought currently impacting the area is not necessarily the severity of it. Instead, it is how the state seems to be handling it in stride, with relatively minor impact on communities. While some industry sectors are definitely being impacted—and we may not have seen the worst—compared to the last […]