AMSTERDAM (AP) — Greenpeace International is sending out a ship to protest a tanker bringing the first oil produced at a new Russian offshore platform in the Arctic Circle to Rotterdam. The environmental group said Monday it has sent the “Rainbow Warrior III” to meet the Mikhail Ulyanov, a tanker chartered by Russia’s state-controlled oil company, Gazprom OAO. Greenpeace spokesman Ben Ayliffe would not comment on what kind of protest is planned. “The tanker is currently heading south into the North Sea as it makes for Rotterdam, so we expect the two ships to meet at some stage in the coming days,” he said. In September, 28 Greenpeace activists and two freelance journalists were arrested and charged with piracy after a protest near Gazprom’s Prirazlomnaya offshore Arctic platform. They were released before the Winter Olympics in Sochi earlier this year. Their ship, “Arctic Sunrise,” is still being held by Russian authorities. Greenpeace has fiercely opposed the production of oil in the Arctic Circle, warning of the danger of oil spills in such unforgiving territory and … Continued

Making Your Garden Beautiful With Used Coffee Grounds

I’ve always known that coffee is magical. Well, if not magical, then close to it. I’m a writer after all, and I’m pretty sure that writers uphold at least half of the coffee industry’s sales. But this also means that we dump tons of coffee grounds into the garbage on a daily basis. Now, coffee grounds by themselves are not bad for the environment—in fact, I’m going to tell you how to use them in your yard in a minute—but they do contribute to landfill bulk. Ever the social beverage, coffee mingles with other waste in stinky piles of trash to create methane, which we all know is a greenhouse gas that contributes to climate change. So instead of just chucking the grounds into the garbage, try something a little different next time. When you’re done with your first pot of coffee of the day (oh, you only have one pot of coffee a day? … well, ok then), you will have a bunch of perfect mineral-rich grounds with which you can infuse greatness into … Continued

Supply Chains in the Face of a Changing Climate

Supply Chains in the Face of a Changing ClimateThe economic damages from weather-related disasters continue to climb worldwide, and will continue on that path. Proactively, organizations are making strides to anticipate and prepare for these climatic shifts. Early April, Unilever CEO Paul Polman made a public statement calling for “decisive action to tackle climate change in order to secure the future of businesses […]

Acquisition Clears Way for Oil and Gas Standards

Petroleum Industry Data Exchange has acquired the PIDX trademarks and standards publications from the American Petroleum Institute. This gives PIDX International the ability to leverage industry efforts to develop worldwide standards for the global oil and gas business, the nonprofit standards organization says. “This transfer of intellectual property is a key milestone in our mission […]

Shipping Industry Carbon Credits Developed

Shipping Industry Carbon Credits DevelopedAkzoNobel’s Marine Coatings business and The Gold Standard Foundation have developed a carbon credit methodology for the international shipping industry that they say is the first of its kind. Certification by The Gold Standard for the peer-reviewed methodology will allow ships to generate carbon credits — thus income — for the CO2 emission reductions they achieve. […]

Hydrogen Highway

As a natively born son of the great state of Texas, it’s just instinctual for me to cock an eyebrow and shake my head at just about anything that the state of California does. I mean come on; this is the state that routinely sets its self on fire (Watts Riots in 1965. LA Riots in 1992 and 2013. Even a surfer riot in 2013, in Huffington Beach) (and no, It was not totally tubular). It’s the state that has laws against throwing footballs and Frisbees on the beach … (unless you ask a lifeguard for permission). It’s the state that claims to recycle 116% of the plastics it sells. (I’m no math-magician, but that sounds sketchy.) Then again, Texas is the state that banned the entire Encyclopedia Britannica because it has a formula for homemade beer. So with that, I have to begrudgingly admit, California might be on the right track in one area: Zero Emission Vehicles. More specifically: Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles. California is leading the charge in Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) standards … Continued

Clear Understanding of Sustainability Challenges Drives Innovation

Clear Understanding of Sustainability Challenges Drives InnovationThis article is sponsored by Procter & Gamble. Companies and individuals who have a comprehensive appreciation of today’s sustainability challenges are driving environmental innovation. Procter & Gamble is one company committed to understanding consumers and the world in which we live in order to make smart decisions in sustainability. “Most consumers are unwilling to make […]

Direct Store Delivery ‘Can Save $3M Annually’

Direct Store Delivery ‘Can Save $3M Annually’Consumer goods suppliers can save millions of dollars by evaluating and improving Direct Store Delivery (DSD) operations — the way that products are ordered, sold, delivered and merchandised — according to a report from Honeywell. The report, which contains feedback from 350 C-level consumer goods executives and directors from across the globe, finds that 49 […]